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BHES Goal is to Increase Lexile Reading Levels Across all Grades
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BHES teachers and staff will strive to help students increase reading levels. This year the goal will be to increase reading levels as measured by the Lexile. The Lexile measure is reported on the CRCT. A Lexile measure indicates the reading level of an individual or a book, and is represented as a number followed by an "L" (for example, 700L). When you compare your child Lexile measure with the Lexile measure of a book, you can decide whether its text demand is too difficult, too easy, or just right for your child's reading ability. To best strengthen you child's reading skills, choose a book within his or her Lexile range. The Lexile range spans from 100L below to 50L above his or her Lexile measure.

To find more information about Lexile, click here. To find books that match your child's Lexile measure or to find the Lexile measure of a particular book go to On this page you can use the search options to help you find valuable resources for you child.

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